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Rising fuel prices are just another reason that thousands of Americans have purchased a motor scooter, or are seriously considering one. With many scooters capable of 50 to 70 miles per gallon, and many of those scooters getting 60 to 80 mpg, dealerships and manufacturers need to continue to bring a quality motor scooter product to the 2 wheel market. The motor scooters presented on our website represent the top manufacturers around the globe and can easily be viewed for images and information. Check anyone of our scooter partners for more info.

As gas prices soar, the popularity of fuel saving scooters is soaring. Sales, estimated at 116,000 last year in the U.S., have tripled since 2000, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council. Currently today they are at an all time high for scooter sales throughout the world and the USA is almost 5 times that rate just from a few years ago.

The motorscooter has definitely become a standard mode of transportation, far exceeding projections of scooter sales the last several years. is the #1 source for that special gas saving motor scooter, scooter information, scooter reviews, electric and gas motor scooters, pocket bikes, mopeds, mini bikes plus all the hot motorscooters today. Get it all right here!

New motor scooter models are here. Check out all of the new scooters for each manufacturer.

Be watching for our updates and more scooter information.

We will be adding a dealer directory, classifieds and scooter coupons in the very near future. Check each section to see upcoming additions the the motor scooter website and information directory.

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